Be fluent in your answer

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Be fluent in your answer

Post  @nas on Sun Nov 11, 2007 10:19 am

33 yrs old patient presented with chronic diarrhea for more than 18 months .he had large amount watery diarrhea, no blood or mucous, of offensive odor with prominent colicky abdominal Pain .O\E there was splenomegaly & weight loss .This patient was diagnosed as a case of celiac dis. And he was on gluten free diet for 1 year , but showed no response.On final exam. Of student in Baghdad medicine college on this case, the examiner ask him what‘s your dx? (Do you agree that this patient is a case of celiac dis?) And why?

Ans.: this stager really satisfied his examiner , He was fluent in his answer , he answered : as the patient has prominent abdominal pain , splenomegaly and he is on gluten free diet for 1 year , so the case unlike to be celiac dis . , probably it is a case of intestinal lymphoma.

Note when approaching acase of chronic diarrhea we classify it in 2 categories:
1. Large bowel diarrhea
2. Small bowel diarrhea ( malabsorption )
See fig. 17.16 page 767 Davidson’s medicine


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Re: Be fluent in your answer

Post  sufyan on Thu Nov 15, 2007 6:05 am

I think I know him
he's the leeshology man


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